Directors and Officers

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Wintrust Financial Corporation—Directors
Peter D. Crist (Chairman)
Bruce K. Crowther
Joseph F. Damico
Zed S. Francis III
Marla F. Glabe
H. Patrick Hackett, Jr.
Scott K. Heitmann
Charles H. James III
Albin F.  Moschner
Christopher J. Perry
Ingrid S.  Stafford
Gary D. "Joe" Sweeney
Sheila G. Talton
Edward J. Wehmer

Wintrust Financial Corporation—Executive Officers

Edward J.  Wehmer
President and Chief Executive Officer

David A. Dykstra
Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Lloyd M. Bowden
Executive Vice President/Technology

Kathleen M. Boege
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Timothy S. Crane
Executive Vice President

Guy W. Eisenhuth
Executive Vice President

John S. Fleshood
Executive Vice President/Risk Management

Leona A. Gleason
Executive Vice President and Chief Administration Officer

David L. Larson
Executive Vice President

Richard B. Murphy
Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer

David L. Stoehr
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Thomas P. Zidar
Executive Vice President/Wealth Management