Community Advantage

Community Advantage

Community Advantage

Community Advantage

Wintrust Community Advantage® is a leading provider of financial services to condominium, townhome, and homeowner associations throughout the Midwest and Washington D.C. area. The group knows this market inside and out because it’s been exclusively serving associations for more than a decade.

The experienced Wintrust Community Advantage staff understands that associations come in all shapes and sizes and works with customers to tailor services to every unique situation with the most flexible options. Wintrust Community Advantage is different than other providers in that the award-winning team combines expertise in the community association market with the personal attention board members need to improve an association.

Wintrust Community Advantage offers:

  • Specialized association loan programs
  • An efficient and clear approval process
  • Reserve investment services
  • Additional FDIC insurance
  • Lockbox services
  • Awarded customer service

Click here, or call 847-304-5940, to learn more about what Wintrust Community Advantage can offer your association.


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Wintrust Community Advantage is a division of Barrington Bank & Trust Company, N.A., a Wintrust Community Bank