International Services

International Services

International Services

International Services

Wintrust International Services

You want a bank you can count on to support you no matter how far your business goes. Our international banking services provide the latest in convenient and necessary tools for working within, or expanding to, a worldwide market.

We offer a comprehensive menu of international services, supported by a team of experienced in-house professionals, including:


Our foreign currency exchange services include exchanging foreign bank notes for more than 80 currencies. International travel is easier with cash in hand when you arrive at your destination. Many major currencies are available immediately at our branches or for next day delivery. We’ll also exchange foreign currency to U.S. dollars upon return from your international travels.


Increase the speed of clearing your incoming international payments with our foreign check clearing services. Foreign checks can be processed on a cash letter for expedited credit or on collection depending on the foreign check.


Letters of credit are a very powerful and secure mechanism for providing trade finance to importers and exporters.


We’re prepared to be your international payment provider: We can send wire transfers to more than 180 countries around the world with the appropriate currency. Confidently conduct your international payments process with currency risk management, order management, trade execution, currency management program structuring, and hedging strategy development. A fully realized international payments plan puts you back in control of your global obligations.


This program, offered in conjunction with the Small Business Administration, funds working capital specifically to support your company’s export sales.


This web-based system allows commercial clients the ability to transmit their documentary letters of collection applications and amendments electronically to the bank.

Tom Beube

Senior Vice President, Head of International Banking

Pattie Marshall

Senior Vice President, International Product Management

Joseph Szatmary

Vice President International Trade & FX Sales

Chantal Wittman

Vice President International Trade & FX Sales