Government & Municipalities

Government & Municipalities

Government & Municipalities

Government & Municipalities

Wintrust Government Funds

Wintrust Government Funds provides the expertise and financial solutions that school districts, park districts, municipalities, and other local governments are looking for. As a locally-based group, Wintrust Government Funds offers superior customer service, customized products, sharper pricing, and quicker decisions, with dedicated community involvement. Taxpayer funds are kept locally and reinvested back into our local communities.

The group serves local municipalities; school districts; counties; states; state agencies and authorities; park, sanitary, library, and fire protection districts; and other public entities.

Industry Solutions

  • Customizable treasury management solutions
  • Flexible financing
  • Municipal accounts with up to 15-times the typical FDIC insurance coverage
  • Technological tools
  • Equipment leasing
  • Financial solutions for capital improvements, economic development, debt refinancing, and working capital

Steve Trout

Senior Vice President

Aimee Briles

Senior Vice President

Tim O'Brien

Vice President


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