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Swaps & Derivatives

Swaps & Derivatives

Swaps & Derivatives

Wintrust Rate Risk Management

As a business owner, you should be concentrating on your business, not on the fluctuations in the market. That’s why an interest rate swap might be just the tool you’re looking for to help provide some financial flexibility. A swap allows a borrower to lock in an interest rate on existing or future variable rate financing. No principal changes hands; there is simply an exchange of interest payments for a set period of time. 

When it comes to rates, what goes up, must come down and vice versa. A swap can provide certainty in knowing exactly what your debt service will be and can ensure you’re covered if rates rise. A swap can be applied to all or a portion of the term, or all or a portion of your loan amount. And, a borrower can often receive a longer term fixed rate than they can with typical bank financing.

The interest rate swap process might seem daunting, but, at Wintrust, we have a team of experts dedicated to creating the customized swap solution that best fits your business’ needs. We’re ready to help your business lock in the rates that will serve you in an ever changing market.

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