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Tech Tools

Tech Tools


  • Get account details
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay bills
  • Mobile deposits
  • E-statements


With People Pay, there’s no need to carry cash, visit the ATM or write checks to pay someone you know. Now you can cover your half of dinner, pay the babysitter or take care of your part of the rent simply by sending a payment to an email address or mobile phone number.

  1. Send a payment to your friend using his or her email address or mobile phone number.
  2. Your friend will get an email or text message with instructions on how to retrieve the money.
  3. Your friend will access the People Pay claim site and claim the payment.


No shredding, no filing, no worries! Cut the clutter and keep your information safe with e-statements. Quicker than mail, get email notifications when statements are available. 


Cardless Cash allows you to withdraw cash at most Wintrust Community Bank ATMs using your smartphone instead of your debit card. Cardless Cash is so fast and easy to use you may not want to use your debit card to withdraw money at our ATMs ever again!

Third party message, data, and/or internet fees may apply. Use of online Banking is required for access to Mobile/Remote banking and People Pay. Mobile/Internet connectivity is required. Remote Deposit requires established Checking, Savings or Money Market deposit account for personal, family or household purposes with the Bank and has had no more than six overdraft occurrences within the past or current calendar year. People Pay requires a Checking account with the Bank for at least 30 days. People Pay may have age restrictions. Cardless Cash requires a checking account with the Bank and debit card with the bank and is available only at Wintrust Community Bank ATMs.


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