Relevance and authority: Creating content people trust (podcast)

Relevance and authority: Creating content people trust (podcast)

by Jeff Korhan
November 21, 2016

Relevance and authority: Creating content people trust (podcast)

Relevance and authority: Creating content people trust (podcast)

by Jeff Korhan
November 21, 2016



Episode 41 of Landscape Digital Show reveals how creating content people trust depends on the authority of the source and its relevance.

What kind of content should I create?

This is a common question that has an easy answer. Create content that people trust. Google defines this as:

1. Content that is relevant to your target audience.
2. Content that enhances your authority

Relevance and authority are what Google uses to determine the content that will see the light of day. Obviously, there are hundreds of secondary factors involved, but what Google presents for search queries is what is most relevant, and that is greatly influenced by the perceived authority of its source.

To be more accurate, Google has consistently stated that its primary objective as a search engine is to deliver the most relevant information as quickly as possible for every search query. To do that, they rely heavily on authority because that earned credibility assures Google the information is likely the most trustworthy

Authority takes a stand

People trust or at least respect authority. Traditionally, this authority is derived from a particular position or testimonial of another person of authority.

You have to determine the type of authority that will best serve your business. And you have to be clear about it.

You have to choose your authority and make it a consistent theme of the content you create.

This is why many businesses struggle with content creation. They take on all kinds of work that fails to stand for something meaningful.

Your work should demonstrate expertise in a particular area. And your content should reflect that body of work.

This is a combination of the products and services the business offers and the unique experience that accompanies them.

Relevant content rings true

Claiming to be an authority in multiple domains is nearly impossible. It just doesn’t ring true with most buyers that are seeking a relationship with a company that seems to be speaking only to them.

To do this you have to become best in class for your targeted audience. This is accomplished by creating products and services that are supported by content that attracts, engages, and inspires that audience

The best way to determine the right content to create is to talk to your customers one-to-one. And do the same with people you think should be your customers but are not.

  • What are their top challenges?
  • Where do they go for solutions now?
  • How to do they make new discoveries and stay informed?

Using their responses you want to create what may be the most important piece of content. And that’s a buyer persona that guides the creation of all future content.

What motivates buyers often surprises companies that are in love with their products and services. More important is to fall in love with the buyer personas that become customers by creating content that speaks directly to them.


The call to action for this episode is to get clear about your authority and then develop a strategy for creating relevant content that becomes a growing and trusted body of work that speaks to that authority.

This article originally appeared in Landscape Digital Institute.


This article was written by Jeff Korhan from Business2Community and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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