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Agriculture & Agribusiness

Agriculture & Agribusiness


You know how to nurture a seedling into a profit. You know that, in order to run your business efficiently, a lot has to happen even before the sun rises. And, you know your business model revolves around hard work and tradition. You’re a farmer, and you need a banker that understands what’s important to running your business. That’s where we come in. You know how to run your farm; we know how to provide the financial solutions to support your hard work.

Wintrust’s business support doesn’t just start when the crops pass through the gate. We have developed a specialized group of farmer-bankers with the knowledge and experience to assist with the unique banking needs of the farming and agriculture industry. From crop insurance to lines of credit, USDA-backed mortgages to simple checking accounts, Wintrust Community Banks can assist with any farmer banking need.


Dining room tables across the country depend on your business. While other business owners may not see the direct impact of what they do, those in farming and agriculture can pinpoint the exact moment their field makes a difference: every time someone buys your product at the grocery store, makes a fresh, home-cooked meal, or feels satisfied and full by fresh produce. This is your contribution to your local area; you bring the food from the farm gate to the table. But, do you have the support you need to succeed in that mission?

At Wintrust, we understand that not every industry has the same set of needs—even two businesses in the same industry don’t have the same set of needs—so we actually get to know each business we work with to provide solutions that fit you.


  • Industry expertise
  • Financing
  • Interest rate protection (SWAPS)
  • Leasing solutions
  • Operating lines of credit (for crop inputs, cattle operations, etc.)
  • Term loans
  • Real estate loans (for farms, farmland, buildings/facilities, greenhouses, etc.)
  • Farm service agency guarantees
  • Farmer Mac II rate options (for long-term, fixed rates)

For your agriculture needs, please contact:

Amber Keller
Senior Vice President, Ag Banking