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Condo, Townhouse & Homeowners Associations

Condo, Townhouse & Homeowners Associations


Our division, Community Advantage, is the Midwest’s leading provider of financial services for condominium, townhome and homeowner associations. The group knows this market inside and out because it’s been exclusively serving associations for more than a decade.

The experienced Community Advantage staff understands that associations come in all shapes and sizes and works with customers to tailor services to every unique situation with the most flexible options. Community Advantage is different than other providers in that the award-winning team combines expertise in the community association market with the personal attention board members need to improve an association.


Community Advantage loan programs are tailored to meet the needs of associations faced with large capital expenditures. The group works closely with board members and property managers to ensure that an association can effectively complete capital repair projects and improve unit values.


The team's responsive turnaround on loan requests guarantees that the process remains simple and understandable. Once Community Advantage receives your loan application package, the group quickly and efficiently determines a payment structure that best meets the needs of the association.


Community Advantage offers a real commercial banking advantage over the big banks and other community banks in our area. The commercial lending staff is well versed in all aspects of corporate finance. With a lending limit of more than $50 million, the group is capable of providing for the credit needs of a wide variety of commercial customers.


Associations have unique responsibilities and opportunities, especially regarding the investment of reserve funds. The trusted industry experts at Community Advantage can help structure a program that emphasizes value, growth and quality, without losing sight of your most important objective: principal preservation.

Community Advantage investment services provide:

  • Principal preservation
  • Competitive returns
  • Associations with ownership of investments
  • Proactive consultation of transfer or reinvestment of funds
  • An assigned deposit services banker to handle your day-to-day needs


A typical reserve investment account maintains $250,000 in FDIC insurance from an individual FDIC-insured bank. Community Advantage’s MaxSafe® Reserve Account is specifically designed for condominium associations and management companies, offering increased FDIC insurance while maintaining the liquidity of a checking account.

Through Wintrust's fifteen separate community banks in Illinois and Wisconsin, Community Advantage is able to combine FDIC insurance protection by spreading your deposit account across multiple banks though the MaxSafe program. This unique structure allows the group to offer fifteen times the usual $250,000 level of FDIC insurance, which totals $3.75 million in FDIC insurance per titled account. You can open a MaxSafe account and manage your deposits at one bank with one consolidated statement and tax-reporting document at the end of the year.

You must deposit $100,000.00 to open this account. A minimum balance of $100,000.00 must be maintained in order to avoid a monthly service charge of $100.00.

For more information about Community Advantage, please call 847-304-5940 or click here.