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Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Fraud is a very real threat for businesses, particularly when it comes to payment processes. Billions of dollars are stolen each year through credit card, check, wire and ACH fraud. With fraud, the best offense is a good defense, and we do our best to help.

Business clients only have one business day to dispute an ACH transaction. If a check is presented for payment, you have 30 days from the statement date of your last statement to notify the bank of the fraudulent transaction. That doesn’t leave a lot of time and can be a liability for your business. That’s why we conduct daily validity reviews and offer automated fraud prevention monitoring tools. In addition, we offer the following solutions, at an added cost, that can help protect your business:


Positive Pay compares checks presented for payment against issued check information you provide via i-BusinessBanking™ in order to identify discrepancies, such as mismatched check numbers or dollar amounts. When an exception occurs, you are notified so you can review the check, determine if a fraud attempt has been made, and indicate whether or not the check should be paid. By default, checks that are not decisioned prior to the cutoff time will be returned.


Reverse Positive Pay allows you to review all prior day checks that were presented for payment. If any of these presented checks do not match your issued checks, you can investigate further by viewing an image of the check. You can then elect to pay, return or adjust the dollar amount or check number of the check. By default, checks that are not decisioned prior to the cutoff time will be paid.


ACH Positive Pay services scan your electronic transactions and automatically return any unauthorized entries to the originator. With ACH Positive Pay, you have control: electronic debits are rejected before posting to your account and you create the filtering criteria.

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